Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

This site contains the photographic record of the restoration of WurliTzer Opus 2027, a Style 150, 2 Manual 5 Rank Theatre Organ, with notes and hints where appropriate. The restoration, and this site, are still in progress so additions will continue to this site when possible.

This is one way to do a restoration. Any person who chooses to follow any of the information contained in this site does so at their own risk. Do get as many second opinions as possible on all matters before you attempt any work on any instrument.

The wordy section.

History and Aquisition of OPUS 2027

The Restoration Process

The Picture Gallery.

At Seekonk, MA

In Adelaide, SA




Exploded Views





Switch Stack



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Any information or constructive comments welcome.

Please note that I have no knowledge, or interest in, other products such as pianos, record players, juke boxes and electronic organs etc produced by the Wurlitzer company before, during, or after their involvement with Theatre Pipe Organs so there is no use in asking me questions related to those, or any other, products.

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