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Here is a page devoted to the first home of our theatre organ!

In 2007 Videographer James Plumlee of the Tulsa World made a nine-minute video tour of our organ. You can view it here.

Welcome to the website of the Sooner State Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society. We are headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have our monthly meetings at the Broken Arrow Campus of the Tulsa Technology Center, 129th E. Ave (Olive) and 111th St. Our meetings are at 7:00 on the third Friday of the month, (unless circumstances dictate another date).

In December 2012 we elected our officers for the next two years. They are:
  Phil Gray, President
  Bill Rowland, Vice President
  Phil Judkins, Vice President
  Wes Eaton, Vice President
  Paula Hackler, Secretary
  Joyce Hatchett, Treasurer
  Carolyn Craft, Program Chairman

(left to right, Gray, Craft, Rowland, Hatchett, Judkins, Hackler, Eaton)

Our chapter owns a 1927 Robert-Morton 3-manual theatre pipe organ (see picture top of page) that we use for our programs. It was originally installed in the Capitol Theatre in Steubenville, Ohio, then by a circuitous route found its way to Tulsa, where we acquired it and got it installed in the new campus at TTC in the 1980s. We also have a rebuilt 1903 Kimball grand piano, donated to us by Don and Dee Miller, that used to preside in the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa.
Our members have also restored the 1927 four manual, forty-five rank Kilgen pipe organ at the Performing Arts Center of Tulsa Central High School. We promote the school's organ teaching program and concerts, which are open to the public. Our educational outreach includes bringing school children to Central High or TTC for a theatre organ experience. At right is the Central High School console.

Our programs feature some artists from out of the Tulsa area as well as local organists and usually give time for "Open Console" where members and non-members alike can try out the organ.

Please feel free to come by and enjoy our programs, there is no admission charge but donations for organ maintenance and program expenses are appreciated! And, if you would like to subscribe our monthly e-mailed newsletter, the Windline just let us know.

Click here to visit the national website for the American Theatre Organ Society.

Past, Present, and Future Sooner State ATOS Events

Here's what we did in 2013

On March 15 our attention turned to "Phil Judkins and Friends." Phil is our crew chief and keeps this marvelous 86-year-old organ in tiptop shape. This evening he brought his talents to performance, and invited other local artists to join him in an evening's entertainment.

April 19th, we featured guest artist John Ledwon, staff organist at the El Capitan theatre in California where he plays the former San Francisco Fox 4/37 Wurlitzer, and bringing his fantastic tunes to our organ.

On May 17, we featured our own local organist Carolyn Craft with her own special program on our 86-year-old theatre pipe organ with assistance from new member Sandi Sulander.

June was once again our "Silent Movie Night" and on the 21st we had three 'two reelers' brought to us by our friend Jim Reid as he sets up his projectors and showed us great old silent comedies and a western with accompaniment provided by our local performers on organ and piano.

July's program was on the 19th - "Classic Rock n' Roll" You donít often hear this kind of music from the organ but people like it and we need to demonstrate that any kind of music can be played on the theatre pipe organ. We featured hits from the 50ís, 60ís, and 70ís played by our local artists.

August 16 - The German American Society hosted this program in our annual 'Variety Music Night.' We heard their Geneva Pipe Organ and all kinds of fun music played by many different instruments. The GAST Blaskapelle Band also was featured.  

September's program on the 20th featured guest artist Wally Brown and a special section with the music of Harry Warren performed by a cast of our talented local performers Joyce Hatchett, Carolyn Craft, Bill Rowland, Wes Eaton, and Sandi Sulander.


On October 18th we again enjoyed the delightful duo of Lynda Ramsey and Paula Hackler on our theatre pipe organ and vintage grand piano.



November was once again Silent Movie Night on the 15th with the classic Buster Keaton feature "The General" accompanied by Bill 'Buster' Rowland playing the authentic accompaniment on our theatre pipe organ.


Here's what we are doing in 2014

On January 17th we again screened a great silent movie, the 1923 classic "Safety Last" starring Harold Lloyd with Bill Rowland providing the accompaniment on the the mighty theatre pipe organ.

Our February 21 program was quite a treat, also, as we celebrated our annual Gospel Music Night, with renditions of our favorite Gospel music performed by some of our local performers on the organ, piano, and other instruments.

On March 28 we once again featured our own Carolyn Craft with one of her signature showcase programs. Carolyn is a very accomplished theatre organist and provided a pleasing program for our patrons. She also featured pianist Dr. Joyce Bridgeman of Oral Roberts University in some great duets.


And on April 18th, Bill Rowland returned to provide duets with the mighty 1928 theatre pipe organ and a player piano with rolls helping to re-live the great old sounds of the 1920s and earlier.


Our "Silent Movie Night" was May 16th. We showed three "two-reelers" from the silent film era, two comedies and a Western, accompanied by Lynda Ramsey, Bill Rowland, and special guest organist Dennis Scott on our vintage piano and mighty theatre pipe organ. And as always, we had a sing-a-long with lyric slides of well-known songs from that era.

 (We did not have a meeting in June due to the cancellation of a guest artist.)

Our programs on July 15th and 18th were at the historic Circle Cinema movie theater in Tulsa. Our Chapter was asked to put together a special program to help them celebrate their 86th anniversary and the reinstallation of their original Robert-Morton two manual, eight rank theatre pipe organ. Under the leadership of Rudy Geissler, Phil Judkins, Phil Gray, Bill Rowland, and the staff of the Circle Cinema, an outstanding program was developed that included visuals, audio, and the pipe organ accompanying a short silent film and sing-a-long and several organ solos.

Great turnout and fantastic variety music program on August 15th at the German American Society in Tulsa featuring their original installation 1928 Geneva pipe organ and vintage Baldwin grand piano as well as the GAST Blaskapelle band. Thanks to all who participated!


On September 19th our program will once again be at the Tulsa Technology Center, Broken Arrow campus where we have our 1928 theatre pipe organ and 1903 grand piano, and will feature artists from our local area in a great variety show.

On October 17 we will be featuring Dr. Marvin Faulwell in concert on our pipe organ, and on November 21 our program will be another great movie from the silent era accompanied by Bill Rowland on the mighty theatre organ.

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