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Welcome to the website of the Sooner State Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society. We are headquartered in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, and have our monthly meetings at the Broken Arrow Campus of the Tulsa Technology Center,
129th E. Ave (Olive) and 111th St. Our meetings are at 7:00 on the third Friday of the month
(unless circumstances dictate another date).

In partnership with the non-profit Circle Cinema of Tulsa, our Chapter is sponsoring 'Second Saturday Silents'
each month at 11:00 in the morning.  Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for kids 16 and under. We are showing silent movies
accompanied by their original 1928 theatre pipe organ. For program information and what is going to be featured on the
next Second Saturday, please visit the Circle Cinema page here or call 918.592.3456 (592.FILM)

Here is a page devoted to the first home of our theatre organ!

In 2007 Videographer James Plumlee of the Tulsa World made a nine-minute video tour of our organ. You can view it here.

Click here to visit the national website for the American Theatre Organ Society.

 In December 2018 we elected our officers for the next two years. They are:
   Bill Rowland, President
   Rudy Geissler, Vice President
   Phil Judkins, Vice President
   Hervey Barbour, Vice President
   Paula Hackler, Secretary
   Phil Gray, Treasurer
   Lynda Ramsey, Program Chairman
   Carolyn Craft, Program Chairman Emeritus
   Joyce Hatchett, Editor/Publisher of the Windline and Membership Chair

 (Top Row: Ramsey, Gray, Craft, Hackler, Judkins, Hatchett. Bottom Row: Geissler, Rowland)

Our chapter owns a 1927 Robert-Morton 3-manual theatre pipe organ (see picture top of page) that we use for our programs. It was originally installed in the Capitol Theatre in Steubenville, Ohio, then by a circuitous route found its way to Tulsa, where we acquired it and got it installed in the new campus at TTC in the 1980s. We also have a rebuilt 1903 Kimball grand piano, donated to us by Don and Dee Miller, that used to preside in the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa.
Our members have also restored the 1927 four manual, forty-five rank Kilgen pipe organ at the Performing Arts Center of Tulsa Central High School. At right is the Central High School console.

Our programs feature some artists from out of the Tulsa area as well as local organists and usually give time for "Open Console" where members and non-members alike can try out the organ.

Please feel free to come and enjoy our programs, there is no admission charge but donations for organ maintenance and program expenses are appreciated! And, if you would like to subscribe our monthly e-mailed newsletter, the Windline just drop us an email at Or, you can Email us at and we will be happy to add your email address to our monthly program reminder list if you request it as well.

2019 Sooner State ATOS Events

January's 'Second Saturday Silents' feature on the 12th, was "Ella Cinders" (1926) starring Colleen Moore.


Later in January,
due to continued remodeling at our TTC venue we had our January Silent Movie Night at the Circle Cinema on Monday the 21st, showing the 1925 full-length feature classic "Steamboat Bill, Jr."


February's 'Second Saturday Silents' featured "The Black Pirate" starring Douglas Fairbanks and filmed in 1925 in Technicolor.


Also in February,
our Sooner State Chapter had its Annual "Gospel Music Program" on the 18th at Eastside Christian Church in Tulsa, with inspiring Gospel music from our local organists and other musicians.


March's "Second Saturday Silents" was our annual "Tom Mix Day" at the Circle Cinema, with FREE ADMISSION! (Courtesy of Hughes Lumber Company of Dewey and Tulsa)

And later in March, another blockbuster at the Circle Cinema, the 90th anniversary of the first Academy Award for Outstanding Picture, "Wings" and accompanied on the vintage theatre pipe organ on the 17th.

Our Second Saturday silent film on April 13th was a historic film: Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson in the same movie! "Beyond The Rocks" which was made in 1922.

And, our April ATOS program was also a silent movie, Cecil B. DeMille's 1927 "The King Of Kings" be presented on Palm Sunday evening April 14 at 6:00 PM with live organ accompaniment at Bethany Christian Church in Tulsa, and since it was our chapter's event there was no admission charge.  

For the "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" on May 11 we screened the 1923 feature silent comedy "Our Hospitality" starring Buster Keaton.


And, our May ATOS program was at Hervey and Janice Barbour's house with his marvelous home theatre organ installation on May 17th featuring "Music From The Movies and Broadway" with local organists providing the entertainment.

The feature "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" on June 8 was "The Big Parade" from 1925 starring John Gilbert and Renée Adorée.

And on Monday evening, June 17th at the Circle Cinema, our annual "Summer Silent Shorts" featured three "two-reelers" from the Golden Age Of Movies, accompanied by our local artists on both piano and organ.



Your July "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" was 91st Birthday week at the Circle Cinema during the Circle Film Festival, so it was FREE admission! Six stars of the silent film era had Oklahoma connections and this month we highlighted portions of the movies of George O'Brien, Tom Mix, Joe Cobb, Hoot Gibson, Will Rogers, and William Boyd. Narration by Dr. Joseph Rivers of Tulsa University and the clips were accompanied on the 91-year-old pipe organ.


In August our "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" feature was "Her Night of Romance" from 1924 starring Constance Talmadge and Ronald Colman, a romantic comedy accompanied by Bill Rowland on the vintage theatre pipe organ along with a 1924 Felix the Cat silent cartoon at the Circle Cinema in Tulsa.


The July program for the Sooner State Chapter, American Theatre Organ Society, was held at SpiritLife Church in Tulsa, 5345 S. Peoria Ave, on Monday night July 22nd at 7:00. It featured Carolyn Craft and Dr. Joyce Bridgman playing organ and piano duets of both Gospel and secular music.


On September 14th our "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" feature was "Robin Hood" from 1922 starring Douglas Fairbanks, a blockbuster at the time, accompanied by Bill Rowland on the vintage theatre pipe organ.



Also in September our monthly program was "members and guests only" at the Judkins' home with their theatre pipe organ installation.


In October our "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" feature was the 1925 classic silent "Battleship Potemkin" on October 12th.



Also in October our monthly program was a "Halloween Special" at the Circle Cinema with a classic German horror movie from 1920, "Der Golem" starring Paul Wegener.



In November our "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" feature was the 1917 classic silent "A Romance of the Redwoods" starring Mary Pickford and directed by Cecil B. DeMille on November 9th.


Also in November our monthly program was our yearly Chapter Party for our members and election of officers. Here are the participants for the musical part of the evening:



Our December "Second Saturday Silents at the Circle Cinema" feature was "The Prisoner of Zenda," starring Ramon Novarro.

And in January our "Second Saturday Silents" feature was "West of Zanzibar" with Lon Chaney and Lionel Barrymore.

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