In Loving Memory
Dr. John C. Nagle
Nov. 1, 1910 - Nov. 9, 2000

In Loving Memory of Dr. John C. Nagle

John Nagle

It is with saddened hearts, but loving memories that we tell you of the passing of a man who stood as an anchor to his family and friends.

Dr. John Nagle quietly passed away on November 9, 2000 at the age of 90.

John and his wife, Ann were long time members of the A.T.O.S. After a successful
career as an oral surgeon, he retired as a Colonel from the U.S. Air Force in 1970 and
began an adventure that encompassed his three favorite hobbies:
electronics, photography and recording.

With Ann's interest in music and then discovering that his granddaughter had an interest
at a very young age, John and Ann decided to pursue this avenue and see how far
Debbie could go. Throughout the seven years that she performed, John expanded his
knowledge and interest in the Rodgers organ and created a very successful business
throughout Southern California.

He became an independent factory technician for the Rodgers Organ Company in Hillsboro,
Oregon and was sought after for his expertise in church and home installation and repair
of these organs.

He even broadened his abilities by customizing and providing the use of their Rodgers 340
for personal recording sessions and special performances at their home in Riverside, CA,
as well as photographed a variety of artists for publicity and album pictures.

John and Ann made many friends over the years through the A.T.O.S. and the Rodgers Organ
Company, as well as personal relationships with many artists such as; George Wright,
Virgil Fox, Bill Thomson, Tom Hazelton, Jonas Nordwall, Lyn Larsen, Carol Jones, Bob
Ralston, Gene Roberson, Joyce Jones, and O'Lyn Callahan
to name a few.

The family felt it only fitting that we recognize the accomplishments he achieved and
know that he may be gone from this earth, but he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

With Loving Prayers from a family that will miss him Greatly,

Ann, Joann & Chuck, Debbie & Tom, David & Cathy,
Sandi & Chuck, Tia, Sean, Brittany, Tatum, Jessica, Chase,
Nathan, Cory, Dustin, Ryan & Austin

Submitted by Debbie Lynn on behalf of the family
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