On the Move
Dave Wickerham
Dave at organ piper


Las Vegas


Recently Dave sent out a email with news of his coming move to

Las Vegas. With his permission it is reproduced below.

"A very warm greeting to all of you -- friends, Dairyland members and"family" alike. I hope everybody is doing well. Some of you know this, others maybe have heard some bits and pieces or rumors... This is just a note to bring you all up to date. (officially)

A few months ago in October I received a phone call from Bob Maes (organ broker/builder) in Las Vegas. He informed me of a new Pizza/Organ restaurant  that would be starting up there in late November. 
As he elaborated on the plans and details it became very interesting to me. I was  invited to play for the 3rd week of operation (Dec. 15-21) 

By this time there was a plan of finding a permanent  "featured" organist.    Again I returned in January to play a second week.    Rhonda and the kids came along this time for a "look-see".

On the 10th of January, I was officially offered the job. With much  thought and prayer, my family and I made a decision. After ten GREAT years at the Organ Piper Music Palace here in Milwaukee, we've decided to move west to accept the job opportunity in Vegas. 

The name of the restaurant is Roxy's Pipe Organ Pizzeria. It's one of several new additions in a $26,000,000 expansion project that has been on going with the Maloof Family's Fiesta Casino/Hotel since early last year.

(Phil Maloof, one of the Fiesta's owners, now has the Chicago Stadium console installed in his home in Vegas.)

      Former ROXY THEATRE  5M  Kimball  Console

The organ at Roxy's is currently 29 ranks controlled by the infamous 5manual Roxy Kimball console. It IS pretty amazing considering that it wasjust basically set up and racked in after being moved from the Maloof's
Classic Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. With a little regulating and some TLC,it will be stunning! The package comes complete with the Uniflex 2000relay/combo/playback system, a completely electrified console, full midiimplementation, and a lighting system that won't quit! The console is on a lift with a turntable. The room as a restaurant seats 500 and has a 45'vaulted ceiling. It sounds WONDERFUL! (like a small theatre)... As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about it.

At this point in time, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for the support and friendship that you have given to me through the years. I truly have appreciated it and will eagerly look forward to revisiting you duringvacations and concerts in the future. SPECIAL THANKS are due to Gary Hanson who's not just been my employer, but has given me direction over the years and whose vision and endurance has kept Organ Piper Music Palace a viable enterprise and a special place in Milwaukee.

I plan to be at the Organ Piper on my normal (Wed-Sat) schedule though Feb. 19. At that point I will be heading east to Willmington, DE for a few days to record a new CD project on the Dickinson Kimball. Upon returning there will be some loose ends to tie up. Then,.... off to Vegas to start on March

     .. My family will be following when we sell the house here.

I will include a web link and some attached photos for those of you who can
view photos. Keep in mind for your future vacations and travels, Las Vegas in NOW a "Theatre Organ" destination!
So long for now. I will try to keep everyone up to date as things progress.
Thanks Again!

                              God Bless, and the BEST to all!
                                       Take Care

                                             Dave Wickerham


ROXY's PIPE ORGAN PIZZERIA featuring an incredible pipe organ built more than 70 years ago for New York's famed Roxy Theatre. The two-story pipe organ features 29 ranks of pipes, powered by a 60 horsepower turbine engine, and the sounds of every musical accompaniment available: from trumpets and French horns to bird whistles and drums. A variety of world-renowned pipe organists will play live every night from 5pm to 10pm. Meanwhile, special brick ovens will be cooking up Pizzeria Regina's Boston Brick Oven Pizza, a Boston institution since 1926 and winner of Boston's Best Pizza Awards. Roxy's Pipe Organ Pizzeria Theatre, which seats 500, with a unique two-story, balcony design, will also be home to live music on a regular basis. This information comes from the Fiesta Hotel ...

The organ that is now in the Roxy's Pipe Organ Pizzeria was formerly located in the Maloof's Classic Hotel in New Mexico and played there by the renowned organist,  Kay McAbee

Roxy's Pictures provided courtesy of


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