From: Jon C. Habermaas, October 1997

OPUS 1100 was subsequently moved by Mr. Erickson to Frankfort, IL I purchased the organ in 1989 and am currently installing it in my home in Lindenhurst, Ill. Organ remains as originally installed as a 2/6 style D

Jon C. Habermaas

From: Jon C. Habermaas, December 1998

OPUS 1100 is almost completely winded except for the trems and flute and string offsets. With air on we are now getting rid of leaks and chest ciphers on the manual chests. Finished ringing out the xlyo & bells and with a couple of offsets to go we are almost finished wiring. I'm using the original relay so there are some debugging waiting for me there.

From: Jon C. Habermaas, October 2009

Opus 1100 from the Parkway Theatre in CHicago remains basically unchanged except for the replacement of the chimes with a 20 note electric action set and an additional Barton/Morton toycounter from my original home organ.

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