From: Jon Sibley, April 2006

Opus 1150, a Style "D" Special, is currently in storage at my industrial building awaiting time to do a complete and thorough rebuild.

The only special feature appears to be the console finished in white oak. Everything else appears factory standard for single chamber installation.

It is in amazingly original condition, except for the factory rework that was done apparently after the first repossession by Wurlitzer in 1928. The console was refitted with a scroll lid to include the inlaid plaques with the violin. The factory rework also included replacing all of the "lead caps" on the main chest magnets with black caps.

All of the pipework is in excellent original, untouched condition, as is the rest of the organ.

The last installation of Opus 1150 recorded on the Judd Walton list was in St. Mary's School in Amsterdam, NY in 1931 after the second repossession by the factory. The traps were removed and the "Solo" and "Accompament" tags above the stop rail were replaced with "Swell" and "Great" by the factory at this time.

The dioces had the organ moved to St. Brigid's Church in Watervilet, NY sometime during the '40's where it was used until approximately 1963. Instead of releathering and refurbishing to remain playable, an electronic organ was brought in, leaving the Wurlitzer to sit dorment until 1994 when I acquired it.

The original blower was left installed in the base of the steeple above the pipe chamber as it was impractical to remove.

Since 1994, the correct vintage traps and tuned percussions have been acquired. The replacement blower is 5 Hp. Spencer as the original 3 Hp was barely adequate for the Style "D" playing with full registrations.

The organ is to be restored with professional guidance and tonal finishing. The Tibia will have some additional unification along with a separate regulator and tremulant.

I am making the following modifications, all being reversable with parts such as the EP relay being carefully preserved for the next owner (custodian) of the organ:

1) Z-Tronics relays and C/A for added versatility, unification and reliability; MIDI record / playback capability.
2) Tibia separately tremmed and unified as on a DX.
3) Adding Salicional Celeste (TC)
4) Adding a Clarinet
5) Adding a Orchestral Oboe
6) Adding Ophicleide for 16' extension to the "D" Trumpet
7) 10 pistons per manual (from the original 5), add cancel piston.
8) 5 H.P. blower (from original 3 H.P. which was of marginal capacity anyway)

From: Jon Sibley, December 2008

My Wurlitzer Style "D" console, Opus 1150, has the veneer in white oak.

All of the other Wurlitzer horsehoe theater consoles I have seen have been in mahogany.

Opus 1150 is indicated as a"D Special" on the Judd Walton list, however everything appears standard to include a single unit chest and standard offsets, except for the white oak console.

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