From: Willard H. Jost, February 2002

I was also quite familiar with the 4M organ in the Fabian Theatre in Paterson, N.J.

I occasionally assisted a man who was attempting to keep it in some sort of operation. It was a losing battle.

The twin blowers (alternating, one blower was always the back-up) were located above the chambers, high in the ceiling.

This organ also originally had a 32' Diaphone, long removed. The outline of the original brackets for the lowest 12 pipes was clearly visible on the rear wall of the back stage.

The console had an electric lift, as well.

From: Tom DeLay, May 2006

Judd's list shows this as a style 285, it is NOT.

It was a 4/28 4m SP.

The unification on it was terrible (like the 4/23 in the Hippodrome/Palace) and was not a very good organ specification at the console.

The pipework was all in place for a fine organ, but someone spec'ed the thing that either loved Robert Mortons or was a church organist.

From: Ian McIver, September 2008

The Wurlitzer 4/28 at the Fabian Theatre, Patterson, NJ had, in addition to the usual sharp rank, a flat-tuned Violin CÚleste rank, as did a very few others.

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