From: Greg Rister, Nov. 2002

My residence organ is in Whittier, California, which is the locality where the remains of Opus 1185 were found.

This organ found its way into a residence (I believe in Whittier), and was subsequently moved into storage. The organ was stored very badly and was largely destroyed by rodents and physical damage. There were a few parts that were salvageable, and these were dispersed. I have the Tibia Clausa from this organ in my home installation (which is more Robert Morton than Wurlitzer).

Most of the organ pipes were quite literally piled behind a garage, and were of course largely destroyed. The luckier stuff was stored in a former irrigation pump house that was only mildly leaky, including some of the chestwork, a Vox Humana, and the Tibia Clausa. It was in roughish shape, but certainly not beyond restoration.

You know, strangely enough, when my dad was a kid, he actually used to hear this organ when it was in the theatre (he lived fairly close to it, and was a regular at the matinees). Too bad he's not still around to hear part of it again. . .

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