From: Cory Wright , Dec. 2002

The Wurlitzer from the Hollywood Theatre in Gowanda, NY hasn't been in the theatre since I believe 1979. Its been in the Marciniak home in Tonawanda, NY since then.

It was supposed to go back to the theatre, but the restoration group down there has done nothing but drag their feet on the issue and don't seem very interested.

After Harry passed away, Norma tried hard to get them to close the deal, and finally gave up on them.

Its been sold to Byron Jones in England and from what I understand, slated for removal in Feb-March 2003.

Its a shame, were all going to miss that instrument, its the only 100% original instrument I've heard with mine own ears, and it is a sweet one!

From: Brian Pawley, August 2008

WurliTzer Opus 1230, originally installed at Hollywood Theatre, Gowanda, NY in 1925, then transferred to Harry and Norma Marciniak home, Tonawanda, NY is now installed at Byron Jones home in Bristol, UK.

Status excellent.

Regular concerts given by owner, Byron Jones, Welsh Wizard.

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