From: Edward M. Stout, III, August 2005

The Dunsmuir Style D was purchased by Vernon Gregory, who in the mid 50s installed it on the third floor of his business warehouse in San Francisco. Gregory was a magnificent person, who had played silent films as a teenager and now was the owner of Gregory and Falk, a high end lithographic firm.

Gregory and his son, Bob, added a questionable six rank Smith to the Wurlitzer and for some years, he hosted many fine events in the warehouse. There are still tapes existing of Larry Vannucci playing that organ.

Greg sold the organ to Fred and Eva, two lovely people. It is good to know the organ is going back into the theatre. Too bad it is not going back as the Wurlitzer alone.

Respectfully, EMSIII

From: Fred Beeks, October 2006

We are presently installing our former organ OPUS 1232, originally from the California Theater in Dunsmuir and then our home in Reno, Nevada and then our home in Skagway, Ak. in the Centralia, Fox theater in Centralia, Washington.

This is the third and last time we install this organ as we are donating it to the Nonprofit group that own the theater.

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