From: Glenn Nelson, June 2006

The State has been closed for some ten years...

Just last year, we found and got back the original 2manual 7 rank Wurlitzer that was originally installed in the theatre...

Now the next part of the story is that those on the board are getting burnt out over the theatre, do not want to take the time and passion for the theatre, concerned of the "competition" of the theatre ect... I have worked hard and long to find information, write a business plan to get the sparks flying... Just recently I heard of movie affiliations that are desiring old theatres to use as a franchise theatre of sorts. As I think about it, if a company is interested in working with us on the restoration, we would be very willing to let them use the theatre for virtually nothing.. We have the theatre bought and paid for, some preventative stuff done to keep the building dry, and have recently updated the marquee on the outside of the building.

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