From: Dave Knudtson, May 2005

The theatre was built in 1926, but remodeled in 1937 and re-designed by architect Jack Leibenburg who did the Uptown in Minneapolis among others. The theatre was returned to the 1937 design in 1998-99.

The original 2/7 was re-built (restored if you want) in the 70s, but the ATOS later purchased another organ (3/8 Wurlitzer) originally built for a church in Sioux Falls, SD. The two were combined and used until 1999, when more pipework was added and the new console built in the style of Radio City.

It is controlled with a computer relay.

Our most recent concert featured Rob Richards after more upgrades designed by Rob with Lance Johnson of Fargo and Ron Mitchell of Phoenix.

The chambers are in the usual locations, in this case behind the neon fountains from the original Leibenburg design.

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