From: Dave Taylor, February 1999

Opus 1271 was lost in a fire in Glendale, Arizona.

I know the fellow who bought it. He stored it in a warehouse in which there were no sprinkler heads and not even a local fire hydrant. No one, especially the owner of the warehouse, realized the danger. I understand that the warehouse owner also rented space to a few RV's whose butane tanks were charged. The warehouse owner had some of his pipe work stored as well: including the upper register of the Chicago stadium organ (whose console I understand is in his home at this time). One of the butane tanks burst and the result was total loss to the entire warehouse (including several other consoles and pipes). The impact was so great to the warehouse owner that he has since not even 'touched' a pipe organ (and he was a good performer as well as tech). This is truly the unhappy ending to what could have been some glorious installations. My friend intended to install his 3/19 (the Lafayette) in his pizza pallor (to be). I guess this tragedy should serve as due warning to anyone whose has anything stored in a warehouse. If the house is 'up to spec' (code), one should be OK.

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