Pictures and a detailed description of this organ are contained in the March/April, 1996, issue of "Theatre Organ" magazine.


The organ was a Style 235 Wurlitzer (3m-11r) originally located in Loew's State Theater at Memphis, Tennessee in 1926. Its second home is its present home in Lafayette, California (near San Francisco). Several ranks have been added.


Rank   Description

~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~

 1.    Harmonic Tuba (original 16'-4')

 2.    Post Horn (early 1970s Moller 8')

 3.    Trumpet (Wurlitzer Style D 8')

 4.    Diaphonic Diapason (original 16'-4')

 5.    Solo Tibia Clausa (16' oct. is Morton-rest is original 8'-2')

 6.    Main Tibia Clausa (Wurlitzer 8'-2')

 7.    Clarinet (original 8')

 8.    Orchestral Oboe (original 8')

 9.    Kinura (original 8')

10.    Cor Anglais (it really is a church Musette on 10" wind)

11.    Viol d'Orchestre (original 8'-2')

12.    Viol Celeste (original 8'-4')

13.    Salicional (original 8'-4')

14-15. Solo String (maker unknown 8'-4'plus Celeste)

16-17. Concert Flute (original 16'-2', plus Flute Celeste)

18.    Solo Vox Humana (maker unknown 8'-4')

19.    Main Vox Humana (original 8'-4')


Plus the usual traps and percussions including Xylophone, Glocken- spiel, Chrysoglott, Marimba/Harp, Sleigh Bells, Chimes, Piano. Added controls include many couplers and pizzicato on Accomp. and Great.


It has a 7 1/2 hp Spencer Orgoblo with a rotary converter to run the motor on single-phase.


Let me know if you want additional detail. Or you can call Aura Edwards directly at (510) 299-0699.


Dave Schutt, December 1996


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