From: Gary Davies, Oct 2000

Opus 1297 originally installed in St. Patrick's Church, Bellfontain, Ohio is still in existence.

It is up and playing in my home in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

Original Ranks: Tuba, Tibia, Diapason, Salicional, Sal. Celeste, Dulciana, Flute, Chimes, Chrysoglott.

Before I purchased it the Dulciana was removed and a Vox put in its place and a Morton Xylophone was added.

I have added a 3 manual console with a solid state relay, a Barton Glock, a Wurlitzer Toy Counter and all the percussion.

It originally had only 2 regulators and 1 trem. I have added 3 more regulators and trems.

I am in the process of adding a Trumpet, Clairinet, Kinura, and Orch. Oboe.

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