From: Dr. A. R. L. Bell, June 1997

The former Westgate Masonic Temple instrument was rescued from storage in 1995 and is being installed in my home. Listed as a 105 Special, it originally included an 18-note Deagan chime set (which is still used). The console was ruined by vandals and is being replaced with the 2-manual Robert Morton (1929) from the El Patio Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. The original four ranks will be supplemented with six others of various vintages, including some WurliTzer. The Spenser blower was ruined by flooding and replaced with a Kinetic (1930) from a girl's school in Wisconsin.

From: Dr. A. R. L. Bell, November 1998

The Westgate WurliTzer #1312 [105 Special] was removed from the original Westgate Masonic Temple location approximately 10 years ago and stored in the garage of the Lakewood Gardens Christian Center [21208 Norwalk Boulevard, Hawaiian Gardens, Ca 90716] until the summer of 1993, when it was advertized in *The Diapason* and purchased by me [A.R.L.Bell] and then stored in my garage. At the time of removal, the blower was colorfuly "restored" to a mess of repainted parts. The relays were nothing more than a mass of old wires, rotting away. The galvanized wind pipes were stuffed into the garage roof.

As might be considered, there were no changes in the specificiations from its installation to its removal and transfer to my home. So far as I can discerne, I have ALL of the pipework and the 18 chimes.

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