From: Don Frerichs, Sept. 2002

In late 1999 John Murray decided to move to Georgia and reluctantly decided to do it without an organ, so in late 1999 sold the organ to Bob Hamilton.

Bob has 2 houses, and so he first had to decide where to locate it and then how (because he also owns a 2/4 Robert Morton) - so the organ went into storage. Ultimately the decision was to build a new "music palace" behind his house in Shiloh, Ohio - so I suppose that still fits as a residence installation. Of course, the building had to be designed, built, and then the installation of both pipe organs had to be completed.

I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of the Wurli on 22 SEP 2002. It still looks great. The sound is even better than the prior residence installation. Swell shades are mounted into the ceilings of the 2 chambers. The sound then exits and mixes in a 10 foot tall space above and between the chambers before projecting out to the audience. The single Robert Morton chamber is between the 2 Wurli chambers. The 2 consoles sit on a raised dais in front of the 3 chambers. The room is finished with 3 gold and crystal chandeliers with matching sconces on the walls. There was room for seating 90 people. A truly impressive installation.

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