From: Donald H. Peterson, March/July 1998

Wurlitzer Opus 1387 may have been listed to the State Theatre in St Cloud MN, but it was installed in the Paramount theatre. Also it was listed as a Style B. When installed however, it was either a Special B or possibly a style 150. Ray Steffins, who installed many organs in the midwest and serviced them identified it as a Special B. The main chest was a five rank chest with the Vox on a seperate regulator and tremulant. The ranks were as follows;

16' Bourdon/flute
8' V'DO
8' Vox Humana
8' Tibia
8" Tuba

Xylophone w/reit
Full Toy Counter

The instrument ran on 7 1/2" of wind with the Vox at 6". There are three regulators, Main, Vox and un-tremulated for traps.

I modified the instrument by adding a 16' Octive of Tuba that I aquired out of the State Theatre in Minneapolis. Why just that set of 12 pipes and chest was left in the Theatre is a mystery, but it didn't hurt my feelings at all.

It was moved to the home of Harold R. Peterson and Donald H. Peterson and installed in an underground chamber.

After the Death of Harold R.Peterson, the instrument was moved to Plano TX where it is in storage looking for a home. It is now owned by Donald H. Peterson.

There is a good possibility that the NTC-ATOS will be installing this instrument in the Inwood Theatre here in Dallas. What a concept, A Theatre Organ in a Theatre. Watch our Web site for updates.

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