From: Joe Fisher, Jan. 2003

I have no idea what happened to the entire organ or when it was removed.

As for the console, it is still intact as it was the day it left the factory. It has the original cable, although it is cut at the console. I have included a photo of the cable inspection tag. The wood finish is still very glossy and as far as I know, it has never been refinished. The keys still look very new with the original ivory as do the peddal board. It looks like this organ had very little use.

As for what my plans are for the console, it is going to be use to play a nine rank Welte that I bought about two years ago. The Welte had no console, relay or blower when I purchased it and when I found the WurliTzer console, I thought I would be a good match. This is a project in work and may well be for an other year or two before it is playing.

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