From: Mike Coup, OCTOBER 1998

I believe the original trem layout on the 4-36's is 17 actual trems: 4 voxes, 3 tibias,2 foundation, 2main, 2 solo,2tubas,1 solo string(25") and 1 post horn(15"). The 25" diaphonic diapason did not have trem at the Paramount...on any part of the rank 32-8'.

We changed this a little. No trem on either post horn. There are now two, because GW had added the studio post horn to the Foundation chamber in the Vox chest, and both came with the organ. We put the vox back and added a chest for the post horn. We took the Brass chamber post horn off tremulant. We put the diaphonic diapason on tremulant...actually a 15" pressure Wurlitzer set since everybody said the 25" set was just too much. We do have it crated. We have the 15" Brass trumpet on separate tremulant, and the Dulciana and Unda Maris (added, Wurlitzer set from a Balaban 3) on separate tremulant.

After all that, there are now 19 tremulants on the organ...if my memory serves correctly. The "main" chest set up is as original, but it is different than the Fox organs. The pipe/chest layout is not the same on the St. Louis andother Fox organs as it is in the New York organ. I do not recall exactly the difference, but I believe all the strings in the main are on one chest in the St. Louis organ and they are separated on ours.

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