From: Tom Godwin, September, 2001

On September 08, 2001, my wife and I returned from Kansas City, MO with WurliTzer OPUS 1476.

We live in Pikesville, MD, a suburb of Baltimore, MD.

I purchased the organ from Mr. Robert Fray, Jr. of Kansas City, MO.

Mr. Fray had purchased the organ last year (2000) from Mr. Charles W. Dyer of Mt. Carmel, TN.

Mr. Dyer had purchased the organ from the estate of Mr. Steve Morton Jr.

The console, pipes, chests, regulators, chimes, and swell shades are from the original organ. To the best of my knowledge, the toy counter is from the Mc Vicker's Theatre WurliTzer of Chicago, IL. The xylophone and glockenspiel are not original, they are Morton. I do not have the original switch stack, relay, or blower.

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