Organ History and Owners Background



The 2 manual, seven rank organ (Circa 1926) was originally installed in the Famous Players Theatre in Pueblo, Colorado.††


Cal Christensenís love of Wurlitzers began in 1971 when he purchased the organ and installed it in the Arcade Movie Theatre he owned.It was installed to accompany silent movies that were shown.Gaylord Carter traveled to Salt Lake City on several occasions to accompany movies.


When Cal sold the theatre, he removed the organ and reinstalled it in his home.It became the ďheartĒ of the expanded organ which is listed here for sale.The organ is currently installed in the home of Cal Christensen in Salt Lake City, Utah.†††


Calís love of the mighty Wurlitzer led him to open two additional businesses including Pipes and Pizza in Salt Lake City and Pipes and Pizza 2 in Provo, Utah.This organ was Calís fifth installation.His recent death requires the sale of this wonderful instrument.†† The family would also consider selling the beautiful home located in Emigration Canyon with the organ.

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