From: Terry Hochmuth, November 2009

This organ, unfortunately, has been vandalized over the years by students who have broken into the chamber as well as some, perhaps, well-meaning organ tech who decided that the Oboe Horn would be best served having its caps removed.

The organ had a bit of publicity a couple of years back when students again broke into the chamber and removed an Oboe Horn pipe, it was discovered by school authorities in their locker, and the school was evacuated and the bomb squad summoned as the authorities thought that the organ pipe could possibly be a bomb.

At some time in the past , the console was 'entombed' under a new stage apron extension so the instrument is unplayable. There are a number of pipes missing from the instrument plus many more damaged. All of the offset work is intact and what is left of the organ is totally original and very clean. It is installed in a single chamber in the auditorium which seems to be in very good repair and is a lovely room.

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