From: Fred Hermes, December 1995

The organ went from the Strand Theatre to 1st Baptist Church about 1942. When the church was demolished I got the organ for $300.00 in 1949.

The original ranks were as follows:
1Post Horn8Marimba
4Flute16-8-4-[2 2/3]-2-1 3/5Sleigh Bells (tuned)
5Tibia16-8-4-[2 2/3]-2Toy Counter
7V. Celeste8-4
9Vox Humana8-4
10Solo String8-4

Tibia went to 2' - highly unified, Solo Scale
Post Horn + Krumet - rare except big organs

So many couplers - 'everything to everything' - required huge separate coupler relay...even my 5/28 Wurly from the Michigan Theatre had no coupler relay and it was loaded with couplers.

The only thing this organ lacked was the Tuba to 16' - I added a wood bombarde from the Hope Jones Wurlitzer Isis Theatre, Denver, Colo., on 20" wind.

Blower was 10hp.

This was a 'Special 4 man.' and whoever did the spex knew what he wanted!

I sold the organ in 1955 (when I bought the 5/28) to Replica Records. It was recorded and enlarged to 19 ranks, then about 1960 sold to Dr. Lawson in Montreal, Can. and then a few years later sold to pizza parlor in California, 'Pipes + Pizza' in Sacramento. Pizza parlor is closed and organ and restaurant equip. to be sold together.

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