From: Tom DeLay, May 2006

Opus 1538, Hippodrome NYC/Palace Albany, NY, this organ was NOT a Pub. #1. I do not know where Judd got this description of this organ. Judd seemed to think any 4m organ of 20 ranks was a Publix #1. Not so.

Bob Gates has the original console--now wired into a Wlaker digital organ.

In any case, the original organ in the Hippodrome and later moved to the Palace Albany should be more correctly called a 4m SP. Special it was.

It had an English Horn and Clarinet both to 16'--but only playable in the Pedal.

The organ also had a 4 rank floating String division:

8' Viola
8' Violin
8' Violin Celeste #
8' Violin Celeste b

This is very Robert Morton in style.

The 4/28 special Wurliter (opus 1186) in the Fabian Paterson NJ also had this same sort of thing.

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