From: Terry Hochmuth, August 2009

Bob, had the former Jacksonville (FL) State Theatre 260 installed in their commercial warehouse building (aptly named Andre Hall) in Southwest Miami where Bob had begun a recreation of the Miami Olympia Theatre (now the Gusman Center).

He had the organ installed which played into this large room and they used to have organ functions there for the South Florida Chapter (back when there actually WAS a South Florida Chapter!). He had begun all the sidewall atmospheric plasterwork and grilles and had plans for a balcony as well. All of the plasterwork is still there and quite intact as well as all of the plaster castings, etc, which were to go to finish the project. The building itself is now filled with a huge collection of (mostly) junk - including a 40-something era Chevy, a few Spencer blowers, an Aeolian player console with nearly 100 original rolls, an Ampico grand, an Ampico upright, miscellaneous furniture, a bunch of church pipe organ stuff and a TON (or actually several tons) of old clothes, records, tapes, original stage draperies from the Olympia, theatre seats, theatre lighting, Jackie Gleason's old recording equipment, metalworking and woodworking tools, etc.

I helped Mrs. Andre for quite a while as my schedule permitted in selling some of the TO-related items (there was a complete 2/4 in amongst the collection) which we sold to a young man from the Indianapolis area, but have not been down to the warehouse in a year or so. There are still a couple of sets of Wurlitzer shdes installed in there.

The 260 was sold prior to Bob's passing and is a part of the Tyson Forker Memorial Organ in the church over in Sarasota.

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