From: Jack Hardman, January 1998

I bought the console (1571) from Jasper, and we are currently installing the old Dick Simonton organ here. The console Simonton used was a butched up 3-manual converted to 4 manuals, and is well documented in TO magazine. That console was sold to Mike Coup in Wichita, Kansas and was said to have been for installation as the second console at hte Music Palace there.

The Simonton organ was shipped to Great Falls, VA, about 3 years ago, and has been under restoration for the last 16 months. The organ has been completely releathered and will soon be installed into the chambers of a private studio here purpose built for the instrument.

Opus 1571 was purchased before the Simonton organ became available, and being a preferable console, it was chosen to be included in this installation, hence the sale of the Simonton console before being shipped to Virginia.

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