From: Tom Blackwell, June 1997

Opus #1617

A) Originally in Paramount Theatre Provo, Utah

B) Sometime before 1967, John Dobson of Salt Lake City purchased the organ and installed it in his home. Several Wurlitzer and Morton ranks were added. The current opus list has 1970 as the Ship Date, but I know he had the instrument playing as early as 1967 because there is a letter from him in Theatre Organ/Bombarde magazine (June 1967, pp 20).

C) In 1988, Jim Williams of Ogden, Utah purchased the instrument, dismantled it and stored it. It was never installed.

D) In 1997, I bought the organ from Jim and transported it to Seattle, WA where I am currently restoring everything. Here are a couple more notes on opus 1617:

Additional info - August, 1997

1) Sometime after 1967 (between the B and BA entries), Dobson traded the original D Trumpet to Larry Bray, of Salt Lake City for a Robert-Morton 16' Tuba rank. 2) The original 2m console was sold 8/24/97 to Francis Riley of Seattle WA.

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