From: Michael D. Kinerk, March. 2002

Wurlitzer opus 1623, originally a Style E installed in Palace Theatre, Auburn, NY now a 2/13 awaiting installation in Miami Beach.

I write to you as president of South Florida ATOS. We owned the organ from 1997 until 2001, when we donated it to the Arts at St Johns corporation in Miami Beach, FL.

In 1997 we received opus 1623 as a donation, and stored it in the Broward Center (last listing in your db) for three years.

For financial reasons (we could not raise money to construct new chambers in the Broward Center's Amaturo Theatre, a small public civic theatre), we moved the organ to Miami Beach in June 2001.

New owner and location:
Arts at St Johns, Inc.
St Johns on the Lake Methodist Church
4760 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33140

The SFTOS maintains an interest in the organ, as the deed of gift specified that the organ reverts to SFTOS ownership if not installed and playing within five years.

The Arts at St Johns and the SFTOS are working in partnership to get the organ installed in empty organ chambers at this new location.

While it was in Yarmouth, MA in the Daggett/Bergmark residence (until 1997 I think) it was modified from a 2/7 to a 2/13 with an electronic relay.

It still has its original 2 manual console, as shipped, with some stop tab modifications made, but most console stop tab modifications for the (now) 13 ranks (6 added ranks) have not yet been made, as it never played in this configuration.

We hope to have it playing again within two years.

Michael D. Kinerk
President SFTOS

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