From: John M. Lauter, September 2006

Opus 1625 (mod EX, Granada theatre, Detroit) is now (or: has been for 18 years) installed and playing in the Village Chapel, 123 South Second Street, Fowlerville, MI. I care for this organ.

It has two extra ranks added, a Dennison Kinura and a post horn made from a Wurlitzer oboe horn.

A Glock,Xylophone and toy counter were added (not all Wurlitzer) by John Steele when he installed the organ.

The Chapel is a converted Catholic church, a friend of mine bought the derelict building in 1970 and converted it into his home. He built a wall across the length of the sanctuary, dividing the building into two areas. the back half is the Chapel/music room and the front half is the living areas. It is used for weddings, mostly "second time around" nuptials. Dr. Chet (he is an orthodontists) had a 3/44 Austin church organ in the chapel first, then added the Wurlitzer in the late 80's. He sold the house, it has changed hands three times since then.

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