From: Don Frerichs, October 1998

The church installation had removed all percussions and traps except chimes and chrysoglott. Also, the church had replaced the original kinura with an Aeoline.

Opus 1640 left the Baptist church in Barberton in 1977 to become a residence organ located in Brecksville, OH

In 1981, it was expanded to add 3 ranks plus a piano.
The Aeoline rank was removed and discarded.
New English horn by Trivo added.
New krumet by Austin organ company added.
A Stroud upright piano added (converted player piano).
16 ft marr & colton Tibia Clausa added - came from a theatre in Toledo Ohio.

In 1984, the console and relay from opus 2021 (which had been in the Bayview Wisconsin theatre) was installed to replace the opus 1640 console and relay.

Now it really gets confusing. 3 more ranks were added in 1996, but there was no more room left on the relay. So, the relay from opus 1521 was installed in parallel to operate the extra ranks plus a marimba.
Quintadena, orchestral oboe and marimba added came from oriental theatre in Portland Oregon by way of the organ grinder restaurant in Portland.

The glockenspiel came from a Wurlitzer in red lion Pa.

All of the toys came from various Wurlitzer sources, and now include bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, choke cymbal, cymbal roll, triangle, castanets, tambourine, Chinese block, bird whistle, boat whistle, horse hooves, fire gong, door bell, and a Kimball factory gong.

The blower is still the original strand theatre Akron Ohio unit (opus 1640)

The organ plays very well and is in regular use. A Devtronix record/playback system was added in 1994 to expand the functionality.

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