From: Doug Powers, Oct. 2004

The stoplist of the WENR - NBC Radio studio in Chicago is absolutely remarkable for a 13 rank instrument.

This organ was originally in a theatre in Cleveland, but was repossed by Wurlitzer and reinstalled in the radio studio.

It appears as though this organ's specs were jazzed up during this move as it has TONS of 16' stops on the Great, and is very meek in 16' pedal offsets -- typical of a recording organ of that vintage to minimize bass distortion. Also, lots of inra-manual couplers.... an unusual touch for back then, but common for today's specs!

Jesse (and Helen) played this organ quite often.

I happen to own the console from that instrument and can vouch for the fact that the stoprails were full from left to right as indicated by the combo action complexity on this thing.

The ranklist was:

English Horn (posthorn)
Tuba Horn
Open Diapason
Tibia Clausa
Brass Saxophone
Solo String
Viole Cel
Oboe Horn (down to 16')
Concert Flute
Vox Humana

No brass trumpet, kinura, or quint - almost "British" spec style sans gamba!

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