From: Bob Jones, March 2003

Sometime ago a building was purchased by the LTOT in Peel Green, Eccles (home of the cakes and my birthplace) for a Heritage Centre and Hope-Jones museum.

The upper floor of the building will have cinema type seats and be able to accommodate about 80 people for concerts. The lower floor will house the museum, organ chamber with viewing windows - the relays and blower will be clearly visible in the museum area. The 2/6 Dingle WurliTzer, complete with hydraulic lift, will be on the lower floor with sound chutes to the auditorium.

From: Bruce Miles, June 2006

The Hope-Jones Museum is now up and running at Peel Green, near Manchester, England. The 'Official' opening is at the end of this month.

They have a a Style D Special Wurlitzer (Op 1664) and many interesting and historic items on display. Also regular concerts and the organ is bookable for 'private practice'.

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