From: Jack Doll Jr., July 2000

As of today July 18,2000 The console from 1703 with 4rank chest plus 3 rank chest from 1823 are playing in my home in Logan Indiana.

The organ is totally rebuilt and has the following ranks, Tibia, Salicinal, Vox, Cello, Diapason, Flute, Trumpet, Glock,Xylo,Chimes,full toy counter.

The plans are going together to build a Studio next to my home to reinstall this organ yet again.

I am the 7th owner of most of this stuff; I know where each rank has been since leaving North Tonawanda.

There is a player unit attached to it and plans for midi and electronic relays.

From: Jack Doll Jr., Aug 2000

Opus 1703 has been combined with 1823 and is playing in my home in Logan Indiana. It is totally rebuilt and playing beautifully in a split chamber situation.

The Relay is from Opus 1432. The current instrument is a 2/8 Wurlitzer.

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