From: Terry Kleven, Feb. 2005

Opus 1705 was indeed re-installed in a church in Waukon, Iowa in the late 40's.

It went to Steve Souvigny of Elgin, Illinois.

I saw and played this unique Portage Park Theatre organ about 20++ years ago. It was a MESS and really butchered by the idiot who installed it in the "East Paint Creek Church" (Waukon).

The organ had a really nice 3 manual double bolster console with its original wood finish. That's where NICE ended. The organ, as it was built, contained 9 ranks. Included in the 9 ranks were a Brass SAX and Kinura. Both the sax and kinura were removed in the church installation. The remaining 7 ranks were present although the 15" tuba horn was left in the attic of the church and as far as I know is still there. It was right under a broken window where pigeons flew in and out. The tuba is one solid block of Pigeon POOP. I wouldn't touch it!!

From: Steve Souvigny, April 2005

I have Opus 1705 stored in the Elgin Illinois USA area.

I purchased it from the East Paint Creek Church in Waukon Iowa USA. in the mid-1980s. It is mostly complete.

It has an interesting spec. 9 ranks including VDOs, Brass Sax, Kinura, Style D trumpet, Tibia and the usuals. Full couplers including Unison off, sub and octave. No Orchestra Bells.

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