From: Kenneth R. Aultz, July 1997

1. I am the current owner of Opus #1712. I purchased the organ from Irv Twomey in 1983. It is installed in my residence. This organ is missing its console. It was scraped during the installation phase in the Twomey residence in the late 60's.

2. I have the console of Opus #2074 attached to Opus #1712 organ. This was the total package I purchased from Twomey in 1983.

From: Kenneth R. Aultz, November 1998

The instrument is no longer in Cincinnati, Ohio but in a small town 35 miles east of Cincinnati called Williamsburg, Ohio. This organ is being reinstalled in my new home here in Williamsburg, Ohio. It is still in mint condition although never been re-leathered. I think that will be done during this installation.

There is an article in Theatre Organ about it and its dedication in my previous home in Cincinnati. It is in the March/April 1987 issue on pare 18. A subsequent article concerning a record/playback system installed on this instrument written by myself, Herb Merritt and Bob Trousdale appears in the September/October 1988 issue.

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