From: Nelson Denton, June 1997

Just thought I'd correct a minor problem with your list Opus 1743 is in "Fifty United Church" not "So United Church" The church is just 1 block south of Fifty road on Hwy # 8 Winona Ontario ( a suburb of Hamilton Ontario ) My Father "Ellery" and Grandfather "R. Arthur Denton" of R. A. Denton and Son removed the organ from "CFRB studios in the late1940's and installed the organ in 50 United. The organ was enlarged during it's time at CFRB by the "Lye Organ Company" from Toronto - Grandson's of "Edward Lye" two more chests and ranks were added at that time. The organ was in very poor shape having undergone a "Lot Of Use and Abuse". Much of the pipework and percussions were lost along the way. The organ was crammed into a very small chamber and a lack of funding prevented any rebuilding of the organ over the next 40 years. I'm told that a group of volunteers has begun work on restoring the organ. Mice, Vandalism, Extreme Winter Dryness and Summer Dampness, and Old Age have taken it's toll on this poor old thing. I've not seen it for about 7 years so I don't know it's condition. We were just too busy with other jobs to do any major rebuilding of the organ in the past few years and when volunteers decided to help we said go ahead (they couldn't do any more harm). The organ is still in use and a Theatre organ concert was held there about a year ago. (I didn't get to attend so I don't know what's been done.)

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