From: David Fultz, Oct. 2004

The third owner of Opus 1780 was Charles L. Pelzel of South Charleston, WV. He purchased the organ from the widow of Dr. John Klein in 1980.

He sold the organ to me in May, 1999, with the stipulation that he could keep the organ until I was ready to move it, or until he decided he was ready to have it moved.

Pelzel lost his wife back in the winter, and decided that it was time to move to a smaller home. He contacted me about moving the organ, and we moved it over a five day period, beginning on Sept. 20, 2004.

The organ is now in Greensboro, NC, where it will be totally rebuilt with a Z-tronics relay and additional pipework, some from the George Wright Hollywood Philharmonic organ, and the Brass Sax from the Portland, OR Paramount, which was part of Dennis Hedberg's Organ Grinder Wurlitzer.

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