From: Mike Detroy, August 1997

I have all of Op. 1787, complete and intact, plus the following additional parts:

a. Tuba (trumpet) rank from Opus 1606, which was broken up and sold as parts by Ron Wehmeier.

b. 2/5 relay and switchstack from Opus 827. Except for its relay and switchstack, Opus 827 is still complete and is owned by David Billmire of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a Style B special and was shipped to the Rivoli Theatre, Columbus Ohio. It is shown in the listing for the Rivoli as XX. Dave has owned it for many years and is considering restoring it, in addition to the 3 manual Robert Morton he has already restored and installed in his house. Some people have boundless amounts of energy!

c. 8' Diapason offset chest, 7 notes, from Opus 1863.

d. 8' string offset chest, 12 notes, thought to be from Opus 1272. I bought it from Dave Junchen, and that was the best he could remember, based on my description of the chest when I contacted him about it at a later date.

e. 8' trumpet chest, 49 notes, from Moller Opus 3179, a 3/27 originally shipped to the Aldine Theatre, Philadelphia, in 1921. (I know, how did that Moller piece get in there?)

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