From: Bernie McGorrey, Aug. 2003

Since my Style-150 special already arrived somewhat altered during its prior installation at the Bethesda Cinema & Drafthouse and was no longer a "pure" original installation, the instrument is being upgraded to match the console tabs, as it were. (Non-Wurlitzer items were removed from the instrument at the time the organ was sold to the previous owner. Also, the original toy counter and swell shades were not part of the organ while it was in Bethesda.)

At this point all original leather, rubber cloth, leather nuts, and valves in all windchests and percussions have been replaced, all original regulators are recovered, and the electrician is coming over the house tonight to set up the 220 volt 3-phase power for the blower. So we're almost there.

The instrument will ultimately end up upgraded to a 2/10 Style-216 specification, with some minor departures. (No tuned sleigh bells or marimba, 16' Tuba extension, Style-D Trumpet instead of the Harmonic Tuba, Open Diapason instead of Diaphonic Diapason, very few sound effects (surf, birdcall so far), otherwise almost the same specification and ranks as a Style-216.)

Here is current provenance for Wurlitzer Opus 1804… Opus 1804

... Which came minus the original toy counter and swell shades, with replacement all-oak Kimball swell shades

Additions to date...

From Opus 940....
16' Diaphone/8' Diapason, Small Toy Counter, purchased from NYTOS

From Opus 63....
VDO Celeste, Bird Call, purchased from Mike Ohman

From Opus 1004....
Replaced Kimball Swell Shades with Wurlitzer Swell Shades, extra Wurlitzer Trems, purchased from Terry Nace

From: Bernie McGorrey, March 2006

The following items have been added to Opus 1804

Post Horn (a “generic” non-Wurlitzer Oboe Horn converted by Trivo)

Opus 1430 16’ Tuba extension, purchased from Walter Froehlich

Either Opus 1012, 1486, or 1598, (Chest is marked “Camden, NJ” and is known NOT to be from the Camden Stanley theatre 260-Special) 5 rank Main Chest, purchased from Charlie Fleck, Cinnaminson, NJ

From: Bernie McGorrey, May 2006

And the Final Update for Opus 1804 is…

Orchestral Oboe from Opus 919, purchased from Jeff Weiler...
(At some point this stop was in noted organist Raymond Shelley’s home installation.)

At this point the ranks mirror the Wurlitzer Style-216 specification, with some minor departures in terms of modern unification and piano setup similar to the Style-H Wurlitzer, the predecessor specification to the Style-216.

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