From: Jerry Nagano, August 1997

The Syracuse Wurlitzer was sold by Carsten about 2 years ago to the Stanford Theatre, Palo Alto, Calif. The organ is being installed in the Stanford Theatre by the Packard Foundation (David Packard, son of HP's Founder). The Packard Foundation owns and operates the theatre, showing classic Hollywood films nightly with live Wurlitzer intermissions.)

Stanford originally had a Smith organ (long removed). When the foundation purchased the theatre some 8 years ago a Wurlitzer was assembled from parts and installed. The console was the 3 manual from Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles. As time went on, the pipes and chest from Syracuse replaced the original "assembled" wurlitzer. The Grauman's 3 manual is still in use while the 4 manual is being rebuilt. (Work being performed by Edward Stout of San Francisco.)

From: Kevin King, April 2005

The Loews Syracuse is (Sort Of) in the Stanford Theatre.

I believe *most* of the pipework and some or most of the chests are as well. However the console is not. The organ is still playing from the 3 manual console from Grauman's Chinese Theatre which was rebuilt by the the crew (including myself) back about 1989 when the theatre was restored by David Packard including the installation of the Wurlitzer. I did many parts of that project including most of the metal windlines.

When Ed Stout and Dick Taylor (Castro fame) took over they began the "swapping in" of Syracuse parts for what was there, that being an instrument put together from various Wurlitzers. Maybe one day they will restore the 4 manual console and swap that in as well.

The organ was owned by Henningson (Ye Olde Pizza Joynt owner) for a planned second restaurant that never happened, it remained always in storage.

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