From: Robert Real, Dec. 1999

A lot of people claim to own OPUS 1833...That is because the real OPUS 1833 was secretly kept at various locations in Southern California over the years.

I own OPUS 1833....Years ago I had Dave Junchen of South Pasadena help me identify this organ.

In 1980 my father bought this organ from a music teacher in Vista CA. A Mr Sinns...

We had no idea where the organ came from, so I investigated this with an open mind.

I had met Dave Junchen an expert on Pipe Organs in South Pasadena at the Barrington Studios. I asked him if there was a way to identify and figure out where this organ was originally from. He said the ONLY way to truely find out where this organ was from was to take apart the regulators and look in the main air feed box under the regulators and see if the technicians had written anything in the box as to where the organ was destined. He said to look in the box and see if anyone had hand written anything in there....

Well, I took apart the regulators, looked in the box and low and behold it said...Chico...written in blue crayon or chalk. So I went back to the Barrington Studios, and told Dave that I had found where it said Chico in the box. So he and I looked through his paperwork, found the Senator Theatre, listed as having a one chamber 2/7 Style E that matched the configuration of my Wurlitzer.

He was quite certain that I owned OPUS 1833....

Facts bare it out....One Chamber 2\7 Style E
Wire Schedule 512
Cables never been cut still attached to Main Chest. (we moved the organ without cutting any cables!) Including the Console Cable.
Wurlitzer Technician wrote CHICO in the Main Air Supply Box...

This organ has never been restored, rebuilt, or refinished... Historical Organ.

Now I don't doubt that other people have pieces of this organ since a lot of the extras, percussion, etc. were missing. Stripped by salvagers over the years. But the main part of the organ: Console, Main Chest, Switch Stack, Relay, Cables, Pipes, Shutters etc. are OPUS 1833....

I believe that others who claim to own OPUS 1833 just have not done enough research.... Dave Junchen was a world reknowned organ expert and I put my faith in what he told me.

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