From: Jerry Nagano, April, 2003

Just got back from the Pizza Joynt.

(April 27, 2003-San Lorenzo, CA) The fire that destroyed the dinning room of the historic Ye Olde Pizza Joynt on Hesperian Blvd. started in the oven flue around 10:30pm, Saturday April 26th. Since the restaurant closes at 10pm on weekends, the general public was not in the dinning room at the time. The closing manager tried to extinguish the flames with a portable extinguisher, while the crew called 911. The fire quickly grew out of control and everyone quickly exited through the back door as the fire department arrived.

Damage was confined to the kitchen and dining room area. The most severe damage was the kitchen, being closest to the oven and flue where the fire started. The glass divider near the front door helped shield the front part of the dining room from the heat that severely damaged the historic back bar and Carsten's prize clock that kept date and time so accurately. It was one of his favorites.

While it was difficult to see without the electric lights it was obvious the console was badly smoke damaged; the stop keys melted away, the finish blistered and black. The drums, sleigh bells, and liberty gongs also had smoke damage. The accordion and the Tangley calliope are a total loss. What about the pipe chamber you're asking by now!!

It appears that the solid wood shades and unbroken glass viewing window kept most of the smoke in the dinning room. Ed Stout and Dick Taylor were already there taking inventory of the organ and removing the pipework.

The 13 ranks of pipes all appear to be fine. I haven't heard anything about immediate plans. Ed Stout was going to speak with Carsten Jr. this afternoon about the organ and the new manager, Ed Fierro was busy securing the building and working out arrangements to meet with the insurance adjusters.


The 2 manual console was originally right in front of the chamber. When the 3 manual console from the San Francisco Warfield Theatre was added, the console moved to the side of the restaurant in its present location.

Through the years various additions include the 16" Solo Tibia from the California Theatre (State) San Francisco.

It eventually grew to 13 ranks. {W=Wurlitzer K=Kimball M=Moller]
Post Horn (M)
Brass Trumpet (W)
Tuba Horn (K)
Open Diapason (W)
Tibia (W)
Violin & Celeste (W)
Gamba (W)
Clarinet (W)
Orch. Oboe (W)
Kinura (W)
Flute (W)
Vox Humana (W)

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