From: Peter Davis, October 2006

The original Wurlitzer chest, expression, pipework, reservoirs, etc. are there, intact. I have been to the chambers and seen myself! (And yes, tuned a few errant reeds here and there.) I believe that only the console was sold to Harvey Elsasser as all else seems to be present and accounted for.

The original console was sold in the late 1950's and replaced with a piece of supply house trash at the opposite end of the Nave in the Gallery (where one hears almost nothing from the other end.) The local hack who "rebuilt" the organ at this time pawned his work off upon the parish as a "new organ." Utter rubbish. He not only added the Yugo-esque console, he added a IV-rank Mixture to the chancel (SO authentically Wurlitzer!) and three ranks of the most deplorable used pipework (and a used facade) in the Gallery.

The organ is in fair shape. All of the Wurlitzer pipework is unaltered, save for repairs necessitated by errant feet climbing up into the chambers. The organ was badly neglected until about 1974 when it was brought into shape. At present, we are looking into a renovation and redesign of the organ, and a new console (or two). This will retain all of the Wurlitzer pipework unaltered (and most of the mechanism, sans relays), render unto the dumpster that which is rightfully rendered unto it (the 1950's console and pipe additions) and increase the versatility of the instrument in 21st century context.

Parish records indicate that this organ has been nothing but trouble since about 1965, mere years after it was "rebuilt/replaced." Fortunately, the Wurlitzer components in the chancel still serve admirably, and provide the warm, rich, solid base on which to build a fine Anglo-American Classic organ yet to come.

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Director of Music and Organist,
St. Andrew's Church,
3105 Main Street
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