From: John Lauter, Dec. 2002

The Detroit Fox is probably the largest original Wurlitzer left.

EP relay (which gives almost NO trouble) EP console (different story) original winding (crappy Wurlitzer factory windline, bass offsets all tremmed), very little lost pipework (like 3 pipes/75 years), wonderful sound in that acoustic environment.

The Accomp. to Gt. coupler was changed to a Gt. Octave coupler sometime shortly after the theatre opened.

The 4' Clarion was changed to a 5-1/3 tibia on the great, and a gt. octave to bombarde coupler were added for the 1995 ATOS convention. These last modifications were made in such a way that they could be put back with no ill historical effect.

From: John Lauter, September 2008

Fox theatre Detroit, 4-36 special.

Essentially as installed,
generator replaced by rectifier,
16' English horn offset rewinded to be off trem,
the Diaphonic Diapason had a tremulant (Page) added in 1967 by Dave Junchen and Henry Przybylski,
the Clarinet tab on the solo manual was changed to a Musette in 1935
and the accomp to great coupler was changed to a great octave coupler early on (date unknown)
and the 4' Clarion on the great was changed to a Tibia 5-1/3' for the 1995 convention (at the request of Jonas Nordwall) .

The biggest alteration to some is the alteration of the swell shades and mechanisms to allow for near 90 degree angle of opening, a crime on par with the removal of the Elgin Marbles, the arms from the Venus De Milo and WWII war crimes.

The organ still plays on the EP relay and combination action, as equipped.

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