From: Larry Chace, June 1995

The following is from Mark Smith , a member of the Rochester (NY) Theatre Organ Club. This instrument is now in the Auditorium Theatre in Rochester and belongs to the RTOC.


4/22, Wurlitzer Opus 1951, Palace Theatre, Rochester, NY

Tuba Mirabilis
English Horn (replaced stolen Brass Saxophone)
Tuba Horn
Horn Diapason
Tibia Clausa
Orchestral Oboe
Oboe Horn
Vox Humana

Harp / Marimba
Cathedral Chimes
Glockenspiel / Bells

Diaphonic Diapason
Tibia Clausa
Viol D`Orchestre
Viol Celeste
Violin Celeste (TenC)
Vox Humana (added by Rochester Theatre Organ Club)


Mark comments: Actually, opus 1951 is a 4/21 special, designed by Rochester`s Tom Grierson. It has fairly complete unification, by today`s standards, though there are still some things that are not available. (Like a Tibia 5-1/3. Ok, so use the subcoupler on the 2-2/3 Tibia!) I have not memorized the Publix specification, but have heard it said that opus 1951`s specification was much more complete.

The Post Horn was added in the 60`s to replace the Brass Sax that was stolen from the instrument while it was still in the Palace Theater. We`re now on our second Post Horn. The first was a souped up oboe horn rank. The current one is a replica made for RTOS by Moller. It is RTOS` intent to install a Brass Sax to restore the organ`s original complement of ranks. The organ will then be a 4/23.

From: Russ Shaner, December 2009

Here at RTOS we had a new Post Horn built for us by Moller back in the late 1970s. Originally it was installed on the brass sax chest (the rank had ‘disappeared’ in the 1950s). The guys built racking for it but it was not high enough and they were starting to droop,

A few years ago when we moved the PH to a newly installed chest so we could install our ‘new’ (Bizik) brass sax we had to have 6 of them mitered and had to take most of the bottom (8’) octave down to Erie to have them straightened, One of our guys reconfigured a former concert flute/vox chest to PH/vox and built proper racking to keep them saluting for years to come.

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