From: Dean Rosko, March 2003

I purchased the organ in 1998, and removed it from the Stella and Earl Gilbert residence.

It is now in (very safe) storage, and awaiting re-installation at my residence. I currently live in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, but when all is said and done, the organ will be playing once again in Somers, Wisconsin.

To my knowledge my organ is the sole remaining 165X that is still in it's original condition. When I reinstall it, it will have a new relay, but everything else will remain the same. Earl Gilbert put so much time and effort into keeping it orignal, I'm even sorry I have to change the relay.

When I removed the organ, it was in note-perfect condition, everything played, and out of some 600 notes in the organ, only 5 didn't play.

You also might be interested to know that I have in my possesion, Earl Gilbert's 1928 Wurlitzer Style "W" Orchestra, or "Organette". To my knowledge, there is only one other such instrument in existance, and neither of them are complete. It originally had 2 sets of "Orchestrion" pipes with it, but I only have the flutes. The other rank, I believe was a Quintendina. Earl had wired the Organette to play ranks from the organ, I don't recall which ones, I believe they were the Tibia, Vox and Trumpet. The wiring scheme he devised was extrememely complicated, and I don't think could ever be duplicated.


From: Dean Rosko, March 2003

The building for my Wurlitzer will be 28 feet wide, by 60 feet long, with a 10 foot ceiling in the listening area, the ceiling over the organ chambers is a little under 20 feet, I believe. I don't exactly know right now, the building, like I said, is under construction, with the walls up, and the roof trusses being delivered next Wednesday. The building is straight wood construction, with a concrete floor. And, yes, the building is built "up", so that water runs away from it, instead of to it :)

I hope to have the organ playing by the end of 2005 in its entirety. The organ has been silent long enough!

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