From: Bill Shrive, June 1999

I used to own this instrument.

It was donated to Central Florida theatre organ society in 1990 it has been installed in the civic auditorium in Pinellas Park FLorida U.S.A . It has since been enlarged to 9 ranks.

I bought the instrument from a Mr Tim Davis in St Petersburg Fla. It was complete as followed ,console 4rank chest ,string offset,flute 8 and 16 chest work, relay, 18 note chime & action, blower, and misc,parts.

I thought you might be intrested to know that the wiring sched, tag had the following info, schd 888.style140spc. Waldron casino Scully Square Boston Mass.Oct 12 1928.

The toy counter & chrysoglott was not with it as for present installation.

The other 5ranks came from a Hillgreen& Lane opus 891 from the Prytania theatre New Orleans Louisiana also the org, install had 2nd touch on acc. & solo. It also had crescendo pedal not common on small Wurlitzers. I am sorry I meant 2nd touch Trumpet, org spec 61n Trump, 73n Vox, 73n Sal, 97n Flute. Present Specs, are same as above with 73n Violin, 61n Viol Cel, 73n Diap, 85n Tibia, 61n Clairinet, also a Robert Morton 49n Glock & 49n Xylo. Toy counter is part Wurlitzer & hybrid org unknown.

Since the installation in the auditorium the org blower was replaced with a 3hp Spencer which came from another Wurly in Pensacola Fla a synagoge. I bought it from Bob Rusczyc. The org blower is being stored over at Tampa Theatre.

This organ had a close call with death a few years ago we had a water leak in the chamber. None of the Wurly stuff got damaged. 2 Hillgreen&Lane chest destroyed. It since has been replaced.

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