From: Chris Wesson, Oct. 2000

Robin Richmond's reasons for purchasing the console were recounted by himself during an 'Old Timers' edition of The Organist Entertains broadcast in February 1971.

He stated that he was driving down the Bayswater Road one day and found himself behind a van containing a lot of old organ pipes. He followed the van to a scrap merchant's yard and discovered that the pipes were the remains of the Tivoli WurliTzer.

He returned with the scrap merchant back to the Tivoli where all that remained of the organ was the console which he bought 'for old times sake'.

He later sold it 'to some people near Exeter who had an organ but no console' and went on to say that the console 'is still playing'.

The latter comment was more hopeful than accurate. The intention was that it should be paired with the ex-Gaumont Exeter organ, 2-6. It is thought that this never happened and the owner of the Exeter organ actually paired it with the ex-Regent Ipswich console which was also a 2-6.

The Tivoli console was stored for a while and has been used for spares on various installations. I am told that the remains, for many of the parts are now missing, are in very poor condition.

From: Donald MacKenzie, Nov. 2000

Tivoli Strand, London. After Robin Richmond saved the console, this came my way and was used for the Dr. Phibes films, Cadbury's 'Boost' advert (where it rose from the actor's jacket pocket), and for the R.I.B.A., Portland Place, Christmas Party - Art Deco. theme. It has since gone into retirment.

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